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    Virtual Classroom Integration for Schools & Institutes

    Virtual Classroom Integration : We make your platform LIVE.Take online classes on your teaching website or web-conferences, web-meeting, training sessions on your corporate and business website.
    The use of technology in education has revolutionized learning. Shifting beyond traditional mode of education, the integration of technology has become an advantage for students with specific needs. E-learning brings forth a flexible and accessible mode of education. Further the use of technology also bridges the gap of learning across borders. With e-learning, students can have the access to other universities and academic resource materials from other countries, thereby broadening the knowledge base of students. Given these advantages, it is pivotal to deliberate upon the development of technology use in education.

    The virtual classroom is a shared space online that enables instructors to dynamically deliver content, provide rapid feedback and guidance, and engage in a mix of testing and assessment activities. Critically, it’s accessible to learners from anywhere – assuming they have adequate bandwidth. It’s an environment that simulates and often surpasses the physical, in-person classroom experience.

    When courses are conducted live, instructors can actively assess the learner’s progress and participation. In this sense, it exceeds the limitations of other self-paced and asynchronous forms of online learning. Nevertheless, the ability to record virtual courses and make the assets accessible for on-demand or asynchronous usage further increases their overall value.

    We enables schools and organizations to deliver a high quality learning experience to remote students. You can use this service to integrate virtual classroom or video conferencing tool with your platform (like website, lms, cms) to interact with your

    students and take advantage of these great features:

    • Interactive White-board
    • Integrated VoIP
    • Presentation
    • Web cam sharing

    and many many more….

    FoutainHead Technologies is an independent advisory firm specializing in providing individual teachers and small/medium organizations an E-Learning platform. We offer a wide range of high-value services, providing our clients with the strategic tools needed to succeed in the vast Online Education business. FoutainHead Technologies has broad expertise in helping you start from scratch in the online teaching arena; developing independent solutions like LMS, CMS for teachers and students collaboration, integrating virtual classrooms (VC) in your own tutoring web sites, customizing Moodle, Joomla or WordPress to use them in online teaching classes. We can help you making your own online school and provide a complete web based solution to manage your teaching requirements. FoutainHead Technologies focuses on serving small individual teachers, institutes, training centers, small and medium size education firms. We have the resources to find the most “fit” suppliers, clients, partners, products and services in online classes niche, and we have the experience to get you started in minimum time and help you become an entrepreneur. FoutainHead Technologies provides independent teachers a platform to use smart techniques to become a brand internationally. Get our advantage to be an educator to the global students.

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